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Our Approach

Selective Partnerships

Concentrated on sustainable partnerships, with a few high-quality companies. This ensures we remain disciplined in our selection process, due diligence, and ability to devote significant resources post investment. We prioritize the goals of existing ownership teams to honor the strategic direction and legacy of their businesses.

Incremental Resources

Assess areas where additional investment in enterprise technology, employee incentives, and incremental headcount will support increased productivity. Assist with financial planning & analysis, product management, hiring, and business support to add capacity and allow management teams to focus on their core business.

Hands-on Collaboration

We understand the culture, people, and processes that have made a company great are critical. Heritage works side by side with existing leadership teams and employees to keep organizations on the path for success.

Relationship Driven

Recruit industry veterans to support companies as Board Members and Strategic Advisors. Track record of acquiring blue-chip customers for our Partners through involvement in RFP processes and leveraging industry contacts to win new business.

Long-term Focus

Our base of committed capital from family offices allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of companies for the long run. We do not engage in financial engineering or seeking quick profits from turnarounds. Heritage Holding is not subject to the 3-5 year holding period that has become the industry standard for Private Equity investors.

Strategic Acquisitions

Heritage evaluates strategic acquisition opportunities to expand customer relationships, product offerings, and geographic footprint. Consistent with our overall strategy, we take a conservative approach to follow-on acquisitions, to ensure the strengths of the business are not diluted.