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Investment Criteria

Transaction Profile

  • Ownership: Typically founder/family-run
  • Transaction Size: $6 to $70 million for platforms. No restrictions for strategic add-ons
  • Equity invested: $3 to $30 million
  • Targeted EBITDA : $1.5 to $10 million, margins above 10%
  • Type: Control & non-control investments

Business Attributes

  • Stable revenue and history of profitability, ability to weather economic cycles
  • Defensible competitive position, repeat customers
  • Differentiated products with barriers to entry
  • Industries in the early stages of consolidation
  • Family-owned companies looking for additional resources to accelerate growth


  • Business Services: Professional, Staffing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Collections, Contract Research, Process Outsourcing
  • Industrials: Industrial Services, Specialized Manufacturing, Value-added Distribution
  • Technology: IT Hardware Services, End-of-Life Asset Disposition, Reverse Logistics, Repair & Maintenance, B2B Software
  • Healthcare: Clinical Trials, Contract Research Organizations, Devices, Medical Imaging, Testing & Diagnostics, In-Home Patient Services, Elderly Care, and Technology-based Healthcare Solutions
  • Special Situations