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Firm Overview

Our family of companies represent a team of 400+ professionals that achieve $200m+ revenue each year…

  • Mandate


    Our mandate from investors is to own, operate, and grow businesses with a history of strong profitability and future growth potential.

  • Funding


    We represent large family offices. Our committed capital base supports investments in both platform companies and follow-on acquisitions.

  • Investment Timeline

    Investment Timeline

    In contrast to Private Equity firms, we do not operate under the restrictions of a defined investment period. Our investors trust us to serve as a long-term strategy focused on capital appreciation through sustainable growth. This aligns incentives with the companies we partner with.

  • Corporate Structure

    Corporate Structure

    Holding company, with direct operational involvement in a limited number of high-quality businesses. This ensures we are disciplined with our time and able to devote substantial resources post-investment.